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La Sandia

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La Sandia

Mezcalero - Atelo Ramirez

Variety - Jabali (Agave Convalis)
Town - Los Reyes Metzontla
State - Puebla
Growth Cycle - 12 years to reach maturity, wild
Cook - 14 hours in an earthen pit with pirul and acacia leaves
Mash - Wooden mallet by hand
Fermented - 15 days in a plastic vat
Distilled - Twice in copper and clay pot stills
Batch - 330 litres produced

Jabali is part of the Convalis family of agave often found on the border with Oaxaca in Puebla. Our friends at El Destilado have sourced this unique bottling.

Earthen pits are fired using acacia and pirul (evergreen) leaves, the cooked agave is then crushed by hand using a wooden mallet. Fermentation happens in plastic vats - as this is what is typically to hand - and distillation happens in copper and clay.

Rich with notes of tropical fruit and an earthy undertone.