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La Maceta

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La Maceta

Mezcalero - Delfino Tobón
Variety - Azul (Agave Tequilana)
Town - San Pablo Ameyaltepec
State - Puebla
Growth Cycle - 8 years to reach maturity, cultivated
Cook - 4 days in an earthen pit with encino oak and rompebota foliage
Mash - Mechanical
Fermented - 17 days in a plastic vat
Distilled - Once in copper pot stills
Batch - 225 litres produced

Although the Blue Weber or Azul Tequilana agave's spiritual home is the state of Jalisco, examples of distillates made from this agave can be found all over Mexico.

For this particular bottling from the Mixteca region in Puebla, expect a full flavoured spirit, with notes of grass, olive brine and butterscotch.