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El Pino

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El Pino

Mezcalero - Sergio Juárez Patricio
Variety - Tepextate (Agave Marmorata)
Town - San Agustin Amatengo
State - Oaxaca
Growth Cycle - 20 years to reach maturity, wild
Cook - 3 days in an earthen pit with encino oak, mesquite and huamuchil
Mash - Tahona (volcanic stone)
Fermented - 7 days in a Cypress vat
Distilled - Once in copper pot stills
Batch - 310 litres produced

Often found in hard to reach, limestone-rich ravines, this species can take up to 35 years to reach maturity and is notorious for its low yield.

Historically used in some communities as a medicine, mezcal from the Tepextate is prized for its herbaceous notes.