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El Jaguar

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Mescalero: Pedro Hernández
Origin: San Baltazar Guelavila
State: Oaxaca
Age: 15 Años
Cook: 72 Horas
Type of Wood: Encino, Mesquite
Mash: Horse Drawn Tahona
Fermentation: 7 Days
Fermentation Vessel: Sabino Pine Vats
Tipo de Alambique: Copper Pot Still
Distillation: Doble Distillation
Total Batch: 297
Production Date: Agosto 2018
Alcohol Volume: 56%

We have partnered with El Destilado to bring an exclusive selection of single varietal agave spirits to London.

Made artisanally using varieties of locally sourced wood to fire the pit oven, lending the finished product notes of smokey caramel.