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El Alacrán

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El Alacrán

Mezcalero - Segio Juárez Patricio
Variety - Espadín (Agave Angustifolia)
Town - San Augustin Amatengo
State - Oaxaca
Growth Cycle - 8 years to reach maturity, cultivated
Cook - 5 days in an earthen pit with encino oak and mesquite and huamuchil
Mash - Tahona (volcanic stone)
Fermented - 8 days in a pine vat
Distilled - Once in copper pot stills
Batch - 250 litres produced

We have partnered with El Destilado to bring an exclusive selection of single varietal agave spirits to London.

Made artisanally using varieties of locally sourced wood to fire the pit oven, lending the finished product notes of smokey caramel.